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Stephanie Filo is a Television and Film Editor in Los Angeles, California.  She has worn many hats in her lifetime:  professional dancer, professional NFL cheerleader, writer, producer, and even Marketing Representative.  She is extremely driven and hard-working, and credits that to the discipline and work ethic she gained from dancing very seriously from a young age.  Despite her various careers, Stephanie knew from early on that she wanted to be involved behind the scenes in the film and television industry.  From an entertainment career that has included editing non-scripted to scripted content for TV and Film, putting together both local and foreign documentaries, and producing/editing many informational videos in various languages, she brings a very specific knowledge and skill set to End Ebola Now.


Aside from the entertainment industry, Stephanie loves travel, cooking, and has a deep-seated love for horror movies (including the most cheesy B-movies she can find).  She likes to stay very involved in issues and charities that bring about positive social change.  She is very proud to be a board member for Girls Empowerment Summit Sierra Leone (, a summit designed to enlighten, empower, and inspire young Sierra Leonean girls.


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