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Forbes Magazine covers End Ebola Now Movement!
October 21, 2014


'Grassroots Social Media Campaign aims to raise $1 Million in the Ebola Fight'

Entertainment Tonight Covers #ShakeEbolaOff Challenge!
October 17, 2014


'Stars Step Up To Fight Ebola'

The Telegraph Writes About End Ebola Now Campaign!
October 17, 2014


'How Do You Get The Ebola Message Across?'

RYOT Covers #ShakeEbolaOff!
October 19, 2014


'#ShakeEbolaOff Challenge Takes To The Dance Floor To Save Lives'

Radio Outlets have discovered #ShakeEbolaOff!
October 13, 2014


#ShakeEbolaOff has hit the radio airwaves, as various radio outlets have shared (and participated in) the #ShakeEbolaOff Challenge!

Yahoo! Celebrity Covers #ShakeEbolaOff Challenge!
October 13, 2014


'Kevin Bacon's 'Footloose' Tribute For A Cause'

Emergency USA Writeup About #ShakeEbolaOff Campaign
October 16, 2014


'#ShakeEbolaOff Dance Challenge In Support of Ebola Response'

Vanichi Magazine Covers #ShakeEbolaOff!
October 14, 2014

'Kevin Bacon Gets "Footloose" for Ebola Awareness'


ET Canada covers #ShakeEbolaOff Challenge!

October 13, 2014


'Kevin Bacon Shows Off His Fancy Feet In #ShakeEbolaOff Challenge'

Press Room VIP Writes About #ShakeEbolaOff Challenge!
October 13, 2014


'Is #ShakeEbolaOff The New ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?  Kevin Bacon Says Yes! 

ABC 7 News Denver covers the #ShakeEbolaOff Campaign!
October 10, 2014


"TRENDING:  #ShakeEbolaOff Dancing on Twitter and Facebook Meant to Raise Awareness, Funds for Ebola' ABC 7 News, The Denver Channel, covers our #ShakeEbolaOff Campaign!

October 8, 2014


Please watch and support our new #ShakeEbolaOff campaign!

Stay Tuned!
September 24, 2014


Stay tuned for our next End Ebola Now video, coming soon.

Thank you to supporters Naturi Naughton and Isaiah Washington!
September 13, 2014


Shout out and thank you to the talented Naturi Naughton and Isaiah Washington for sharing our PSA and helping spread awareness about Ebola in the region!

Akatasia writes article about End Ebola Now Movement!
August 25, 2014


Thank you Akatasia for highlighting our campaign and helping us to spread awareness!

H5N1 and Dr. Ian Mackay share and endorse End Ebola Now!
August 17, 2014


A huge thank you to H5N1 and Dr. Ian Mackay for sharing and supporting End Ebola Now!

End Ebola Now Spotlight on Blackenicious!
August 14, 2014


Thank you to Blackenicious for sharing and highlighting our #endebolanow movement!

End Ebola Now PSA Now Available!
August 11, 2014

Our #endebolanow PSA has hit the airwaves!  Please view it here , and be sure to share, share, share!

End Ebola Now PSA in edit
August 7, 2014


We are hard at work editing together our #endebolanow PSA!  Please check back soon for the finished product!

End Ebola PSA shoot complete!
August 5, 2014


A group of Sierra Leonean-Americans in the entertainment industry came together in Los Angles, California to shoot an informational PSA for Sierra Leone and the West African region.


Please check back soon for more information!




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