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End Ebola Now!

As many of you know, the Ebola virus has plagued West Africa, and the borders of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia have been shut down.  Healthcare and medical assistance is limited, and people are being turned away from hospitals due to heavy demand.  The first case of this deadly disease has hit the United States, meaning this is now a problem that affects us all on a global scale.  Given the severity of the situation, as much information as possible should be disseminated in an effort to solve the crisis associated with this epidemic.

The End Ebola Now campaign was created by a group of Sierra Leonean-Americans in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California.  Our key goal is to spread accurate information and awareness about the Ebola Virus Disease and its impact through artistic community activism.  We target various West African communities to make sure these individuals receive the proper information necessary to take preventative measures and seek medical assistance if needed, and we aim to spread as much awareness as possible to communities abroad.  Our team also works closely with notable organizations on the ground in Sierra Leone to help raise awareness about the work they do and facilitate the creation and production of  fundraising campaigns. 


From PSAs to informational flyers to viral campaigns, we are a one-stop-shop focused on ending the Ebola crisis at its source.

Questions, comments, or want to get involved?  Email us at!


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