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Irene-Clarice Edwards is currently a senior in high school Immaculate Heart. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, she is of Sierra Leonean decent and currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Irene hopes to pursue a career in Public Relations and International Business.


Presently, Edwards participates in various acts of philanthropy across southern California. Most recently she served as an associate producer in the production of a PSA titled “END EBOLA NOW,” that highlights preventative measures to keep the virus from spreading across West Africa.


Along with her community service project, she is also an intern at I Am That Girl, a company that promotes the success and self-confidence of women and young girls period. Irene hopes to be a women’s rights advocate in order to help women of all races and economic standings reach their full potential.


Edwards hopes to continue to make a difference in her community here in Los Angeles, as well as her community back home in Sierra Leone, by staying up to date on current events and being a politically active member of society.

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